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Introducing Improved TENA ProSkin Flex

We are pleased to announce TENA ProSkin Flex has been redesigned and improved with two unique new innovations – the smart FingerLift™ tab and the redesigned COMFIStretch™ belt. These two innovations help make product changes faster, easier and more ergonomic, while providing comfort, protection and leakage security.

Two Unique New Innovations

Fingerlift™ Tab

The first innovation is the smart, 

distinctive blue FingerLift™ tab. The FingerLift™ tab combines with the white belt to clearly show where the belt opens. As well as making the belt easier to open, this also helps get the product ready for application more quickly, providing ultimate convenience for caregivers.

COMFIStretch™ Belt

The second innovation is the redesigned soft elastic COMFIStretch™ belt. The belt easily adjusts to fit different body shapes, providing a secure comfortable fit and great leakage security.

For ease of use, it can be fastened at the front or back, while the ergonomic, easy-to-use design means less back bending, which reduces physical strain on caregivers.

Better Skin Health

Additionally, the new improved TENA ProSkin Flex includes more features for better skin health.

–       Adjustable fixation

–       TENA ProSkin Triple protection

–       Fast absorption

–       Breathable materials

–       Endorsement by the Skin Health Alliance panel of experts

TENA ProSkin Flex helps manage skin wetness by reducing moisture levels to the skin. This is a key factor in preventing dermatitis, as wet skin is coarser and weaker than dry skin and therefore more susceptible to abrasion. Skin hydration also increases the permeability of skin to irritants (from urine and faeces). Furthermore, excess skin wetness favours the growth of undesirable microbes which can irritate the skin. TENA ProSkin Flex is the ideal solution to help maintain healthy skin for your patients, while providing reliable protection.

Trusted By Professionals

“Softer. The belt is more elastic. The blue tab leads to immediate opening. Easier to put on. Gentler on the skin.”1

Our in-use market study found that professional caregivers found real value in TENA ProSkin Flex and identified the benefits for the people they look after. 91% of caregivers felt that the distinctive blue FingerLift ™tab made it easier and faster to find the belt opening.1 Plus, our research found that the easier to use design can save up to 8 weeks of caregivers’ time a year.For any caregivers, professional or unpaid, who come into your store looking for easy incontinence solutions, TENA ProSkin Flex has proven benefits for both them and their patient.

You can read about more about TENA ProSkin Flex, in addition to watching instructional videos here.

Furthermore, you can discover more about our range on the TENA PharmacyHub product page.

1. Based on customer in use market study 2020, Italy and Sweden by Origo.

2. Compared to TENA Slip. Usability study The care home case Standing changes on 50 residents, 3 daily changes, 365 days.

Published: 16/06/2022