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Holidays & Incontinence

6 tips to help customers with incontinence enjoy their summer holidays to the fullest

1. Offer a pre-holiday medication check

While Pharmacists are experts at knowing which medications and foods can exacerbate incontinence issues and which can reduce the symptoms, your customers often don’t. Offering them a pre-holiday medication check will not only help them travel with more confidence, but also allow you to discuss their product needs, too.

Extra tip: ask customers who buy incontinence products if they’re going on holiday soon, then offer a free medication check.

2. Suggest creating a holiday survival pack

Having a pack filled with all their incontinence essentials will help your customers thrive during their travels, and not waste time searching for the nearest pharmacy. Items to suggest include:

•                 Spare underwear

•                 Incontinence products (suggest taking extras)

•                 Wet wipes/hand sanitizer

•                 Coloured plastic bags (to use if no bins nearby)

Extra tip: create a holiday survival pack display near your incontinence products to drive additional sales.

3. Help them plan their travelling clothes

Choosing the right outfit to travel in helps to reduce stressful moments. Suggest they wear clothes that are easy to change in when in cramped toilet cubicles, and are loose enough to reduce pressure if sitting for a long time.

Extra tip: if travelling for a long period, suggest they purchase a more absorbent version of their usual product for extra reassurance.

4. Talk about maps & apps

As well as suggesting apps like Flush that help find the nearest public toilet quickly, suggest they also pre-plan rest breaks by using Google Maps if travelling by car, or by downloading airport maps if flying. Plus, remind them to reserve an aisle seat near to the toilet when travelling by train or plane.

Extra tip: put a list of your favourite toilet finder apps by your incontinence display.

5. Give them tips to stay active

Remind your customers that staying active is one of the best things they can do to get their blood flowing and be more comfortable. Suggest Kegel exercises, stretches on the plane, and going for daily walks.

Extra tip: place compression stockings near your incontinence display and explain how they help.

Published: 05/08/2022